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Creation and distribution of digital works
© David Spriggs – Vision 

In preparation of “Chroniques” international biennial dedicated to new media art and digital culture, Seconde Nature and ZINC create a production platform, financed by the Conseil Régional Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (FRANCE), to help the production and circulation of original art.

For this mission, we are working with structures and institutions from the PACA region : Edis, Art endowment fund in Avignon, FRAC Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur, Diffusing Digital Art at Bains Douches Gallery in Marseille, Le Hublot, l’Entrepont in 109 at Nice, Les Capucins – Centre d’art contemporain in Embrun, Octobre numérique in Arles, Fées d’Hiver in Crévoux, The Camp, le 3bisF | Centre d’art and LabGamerz in Aix-en-Provence. Moreover, Chroniques 2018 will receive the Festival Elektra and its Marché International des Arts Numériques (International Market for Digital Arts) as guests of honour.

Together we are calling for national and international artists to produce an original artwork.

Chroniques is a series of exhibits called ‘Lévitations’, spanning from Aix-en-Provence to Marseille in fall of 2018. Several events will punctuate the exhibits : concerts, shows, performances and audiovisual lives, professionnal meetings.

In that perspective, we will assist several artists in the creation of artworks and will provide them two showing contexts :

  • First showing during the Chroniques 2018 exhibits in Aix-en-Provence & Marseille.
  • One more show in one of the locations of the exhibit tour between january and december 2019 in Provence with our partners


Who never dreamt of lifting himself in the air? To extract oneself from gravity, and attain the lightness to float up? Levitation is the result of a victory, freedom obtained over the unalterable forces of gravity and terrestrial attraction.

Levitation is used by physicists (magnetic levitation, sonic levitation) as it also appears – paradoxically – in religions, specifically in mysticism and esoterism. The science world has long been interested in the possibilities of certain materials called superconductor and of very low temperature ways to put materials in a levitation state.

This technology is already efficient in many fields, like in communications, and several recent experiments allow us to believe this technology could be used for the future of transportation.

The scale of uses is large, levitation is an anchor point for scientists to dream, to extract themselves from reality and imagine the future in which magnetic and sonic levitation would find practical use.

Exploring the motif of levitation from an artistic and anthropologic standpoint will lead to question our perception of space and territory, the ways we see and represent things that are reconfigured with mobility technology, like the GPS.

The digital geolocation systems expanded a little more the digital tool kit that transforms today’s new art territories. The artists take hold of these technologies and develop new forms that reconfigure the aesthetic experience of locations.

The new artistic and anthropological challenges are augmented by political questions, with the use of control technology and its ontological and metaphysical implications. As Peter Sloterdijk explains in Observation Forte : “We now have a technical transcendence created by the inhabitants of earth itself, that is different from the traditional religious or metaphysical transcendences, fueled by a symbolic code, since this new transcendence has possible reciprocity in its communication.”

From this standpoint, we will identify these paradigm shift and embrace the motif of levitation with these propositions, going from a poetic and emotional approach to a political, scientific and anthropological one.

  • Art & Science : physicists lifted from gravity
  • Flying carpets, satellites and maps : mobility technology
  • Extraction from the ground : levitation to enter a dream and imaginary state, fuel for transformation
  • Point of view : multiplication and oversight on the world


You are many to visit our call and to ask us questions concerning it. In order to avoid confusions, we have created this Frequently asked Questions section. Firstly, please visit our website and take a look at the previous editions of Chroniquesl, and get a clear idea about our Biennial and our aesthetics.

Am I eligible to this call?

This call for artists is aimed at Artists that already have exhibited at professional artistic events. Moreover, your artwork has to make use of the specificities of the digital language. Therefore, pictural artwork like paintings, or analog photographies are unlikely to fit into the global aesthetic of the biennial.

How do I budget my project ?

Sorry,  but we can’t assume this advisor role. If you need help on this subject, please get in touch with a production office.

Is the line producer mandatory if my budget exceed 10 000€ ?


Are photographic projects eligible ?


What are the conditions for the residency program ?

The residency program will be debated during the selection committee. The relevance of the residency will be evaluated for each project, and therefore the places and the duration of the residency will be communicated to the selected candidates in 2018.

Why must I give the the technical sheet and the sale price for my distribution application?

We need those documents because without them, it is impossible for us to envision your artwork inside our exhibition “Levitations”, and to see in which place this artwork could blend in.

Is there a planned fee for the 2019 tour for my proposed artwork in distribution?

-Yes, such a fee is planned. Please indicate an additional cost for the places of the 2019 tour.

I have an already existing project, which a part corresponds to the theme, should I propose it for production or distribution?

If you want to use the base of an existing project and propose it under a new form, then we recommend you to apply for production. Moreover, if you have a transversal project, which a part is complete and showable, and the other still in development, you can apply for both production and distribution.

Is it possible to be in residency elsewhere than in one of your partners’ spaces?

If you find a residency space by your own means, we are fine with it. Please indicate the residency space you can have in your folder.

I already have exhibitions planned for my artwork, is it a problem?

No, it is not a problem. Please indicate the dates and places where you will show your artwork in your folder.

Closing of the call : December 17th at midnight
Selection Committee meeting : January 2018

No information will be provided by phone. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Required conditions to apply

  • The artwork will make use of digital technologies and/or new medias
  • To have an executive producer for the project when applying, if the total budget is over 10 000 euros.
  • The artwork must be finished by November 2018
  • The artwork will have be linked to our “Levitations” topic

Our contributions for the co-production of the artwork

  • Financial contribution : 8000 euros in average for each artwork. The precise amount will depend on the provisional budget. This contribution includes the fee for its exhibition.
  • Logistic support : transportation and storing of the pieces for the different exhibitions in Provence.
  • Residency : a residency space before the first show, depending on a specific evaluation of the project
  • Technical support : technical loans and advice for the exhibit, depending on the technical rider given by the artist (before end of june 2018)
  • Help for further shows : in the french and international digital art and culture ecosystem

Are eligible projects using digital tools and technologies in different forms as :

  • Audio-visual lives
  • Visual and/or sonic artwork
  • Installations for the public space or specific location
  • Theatrical, choreographic and musical performances

Are excluded projects falling in these categories : online/ piece, recorded music, short films.

If you already have a complete work using digital tools and technologies and linked to our topic that you want to submit, please send a portfolio, an artistic file of the proposed work, the technical sheet and the sale price to :

DL : December 17th

ZINC Center for digital art and culture, Marseilles (France)

Existing for nearly 20 years at the Friche Belle de Mai, artistic and cultural cluster of Marseille, ZINC is  dedicated to digital arts and culture. Artistic and cultural producer and discovery space for everyone, ZINC encourages artistic forms that use digital technologies and gives the opportunity to each and everyone to make, learn and cultivate oneself to digital and multimedia medium.

Developing its projects with associated artists and partners in a cooperative logic, ZINC articulates it’s action between production, cultural mediation and cooperation, with a strong focus on acknowledgement and research in artistic multimedia forms.

All year long, ZINC welcomes artists in residency, shows artworks, develops workshops, hosts forums, organises cultural development projects, leads exchange platforms and carries out its action on different areas.

Seconde Nature – Arts, music and culture in the digital era, Aix-en-Provence (France)

Known for more than 15 years for its pioneering commitment in contemporary artistic creation in the digital era, Seconde Nature has for mission to accompany the cultural mutations of our digital fueled society, through the specific visions of artists in 4 directions :
Digital creation
To promote and help the emergence of digital creation. The links between art and technology makes an artistic environment that needs to be helped and enhanced in our territory linked to cultural institutions and local research.
Digital culture
Understanding technologies and it’s cultural uses. Education to digital media, code, digital art history are a center point of our mission in educating and sensibilizing as part of our transmission division.
Digital creativity
To help in the appropriation of technologies. Open to creative possibilities in all artistic domains for amateurs and professionals is the third axe of our project.
To anticipate digital evolutions


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