Activities for young and old, families, geeks and curious


Chroniques, Imaginaires numériques, is an invitation to discover the diversity of contemporary aesthetics and the vitality of the territory. During two weeks Seconde Nature and ZINC, with the actors of digital arts and cultures invest the city center of Marseille.


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Parcours d’installations, concerts, projections monumentales, balades urbaines, ateliers de découverte, rencontres constituent les différentes propositions de ce dernier acte de la trilogie Chroniques.

Disclosed on 29 January for the opening of the “Dimanches de la Canebière”, the Révélations circuit invites you to rediscover the heritage of Marseille’s historical city centre. The artists take over museums, churches, streets, buildings, stores, and allow inhabitants and visitors to speak, thus drawing a portrait of Marseille.

We thought out and built this programme with nearly a hundred professionals; cultural associations, librarians, facilitators, students, shopkeepers and, of course, artists. A beautiful collective impetus we’d very much like to share with you. Old and young, families, geeks and onlookers, take the time to immerse in an entertaining and poetical digital experience.

Throughout the chapters of Chroniques, we have worked on several markers with a common denominator: culture, art and technology at the centre of the questions and issues of the territories. The friendly and festive spirit that guided us in this adventure would be the last marker that we wish to share with you in a musical programme putting the spotlight on the female electro scene with a festive night at La Friche La Belle de Mai, to close these three acts.

Seconde Nature and ZINC’s staff and their partners.

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